Scandal Skater

Scandal Skater is a political satire, infinite runner mobile game based around the scandals of Hillary Clinton and her uncanny ability to "Skate" away every time she was caught. In this mobile game hillary is running and collecting emails while being persued by Senator Trey Gowdy and members of the FBI. Below are some images and videos of the development and gameplay.

Animation Video

Character Animation

This was a video of some character animation that was made just for fun. It features Hillary dancing with members of the FBI as her backup dancers.

Dynamic Terrain

Dynamic Terrain Generation / Object Pooling

The game framework used object pooling to have a lower memory footprint and higher performance. The terrain was dynamically created and moved toward a stationary character. The character reamining stationary while the terrain moved avoids floating point errors if and when a player was able to make it a very large distance in the game.

FBI Guy Animation

Character Animation

This is some early video of the "Chase" animation for the "FBI Guy".

Early Gameplay

Pre-Alpha Gameplay

This is some pre-alpha gameplay video capture showing the Hillary character in-game and being chased by Trey Gowdy.

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