Instruments of War

Instruments of War is a Multiplayer Armored vehicle centered combat game that is currently in development. IOW has been in development since mid 2016 and is expected to have a playable demo mid to late 2017. IOW is set just slightly in the future where we still have the standard military vehicles that you would find on the battlefield today but some more advanced vehicles are starting to find their way onto the battlefield mainly "Mech" type vehicles. But, with this being the first generation these newer vehicles are still slow, large, walking artillery platforms. These vehicles in addition to other ground and air vehicles such as the abrams, blackhawks predator drones and others can be found on the battlefield. The gameplay is similar to Battlefield or Arma 3 but since this is vehicle based there are allot more controllable systems on the tanks and other vehicles. In a way similar to Elite Dangerous the player takes control of all systems on the vehicle and even has to, at times, troubleshoot different components and systems to get things back online in the event of damage.

Terrain Handling

Tank Terrain Handling

This video is a demonstration of the terrain and obstacle handling capabilities of one of the tanks in development.

Tank Firing

Firing Range / Targeting Solutions Computer

This video is a demonstration of the on board firing solutions and trajectory computer.

Screenshot Base

Valley Point firebase Image

Firebase Screenshot

This is an In-Game screenshot of "Valley Point" Firebase.

Screenshot Mech

Mech Image

Mech Screenshot

One of the basic Generation 1 Mechs that can be operated by the player in Instruments Of War. .

Screenshot Reaper

Mech Image

MQ-9 Reaper Screenshot

Vehicle commanders are able to call in precision air strikes!

Screenshot UH-60

Mech Image

UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Screenshot

The UH-60 Blackhawk is one of the helicopters that are avaliable to be flown!


Mech Image

Continuing Game Development

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